Is Nigeria's social protection on the cusp of transformation?

The TraderMoni Empowerment Scheme of Nigeria

Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programmes are social protection programmes designed to address vulnerability, poverty and human capital development in many developing countries. However, the effects of CCTs on poverty reduction and human capital development vary across regions and countries.


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Towards universal primary health care in Nigeria

Health care in Nigeria: Challenges and recommendations

Similar to HIV, tuberculosis (TB) often affects the most vulnerable populations. TB and HIV coinfection is a major obstacle in the response to HIV, with HIV causing a more than 20-fold increase in the risk of latent TB reactivation and TB accelerating the decline of immune function among people living with HIV. With at least one-third of people living with HIV coinfected with latent TB, the ramifications of TB and HIV coinfection are staggering.


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User fees in Nigeria: Implications for equity and universal health coverage