Social protection for sustainable development: A human rights-based approach

This paper updates the Social Risk Management (SRM) conceptual framework; the foundation of the World Bank’s first Social Protection Sector Strategy. SRM 2.0 addresses the increasingly risky and uncertain world; with opportunities and outcomes driven by possible disruptions from technology, markets, climate change, etc. SRM 2.0 is a spatial assets and livelihoods approach to household well-being featuring a risk chain covering all households across the lifecycle and for both positive and negative events. Key findings: Location and context are critical for household choice


The conference theme is Social Protection & Human Dignity.

The focus of all symposia, seminars, workshops and presentation should be related to Social Protection & Human Dignity. The following key aspects should guide all contributions and be covered intensively:


Bilateral agreements: A tool for enhancing social protection for migrant workers

Children’s Right to Social Protection in the Middle East and North Africa: An analysis of legal frameworks from a child-rights perspective

Social accountability in the delivery of social protection: Enabling environment

Maternity Protection is a fundamental right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is defined in ILO international labour standards. Listen to why maternity protection is everyone’s business.


Alternative rituals