Managing Disaster Differently: Shock-Sensitive Social Protection in Malawi

Climate change adaptation for smallholder farmers in the Lake Chad Basin

Cash transfers and climate change resilience in Africa

Given the uncertainty around the impacts of climate change, social protection represents a key form of ‘low regrets’ investment, where it balances the dual role of supporting poverty alleviation, while also addressing vulnerability to climate change. WFP can then engage in the provision of technical assistance and policy support, as well as facilitate dialogue among different institutions and partners to support more climate adaptive social protection programmes.


This paper combines remote-sensed data and individual child-, mother-, and household-level data from the Demographic and Health Surveys for five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe) to design a prototype drought-contingent targeting framework that may be used in scarce-data contexts.


Adaptive social protection for climate-informed development: Promoting resilience among the most vulnerable

BLOG: By 2050, if we have increased Earth’s temperatures another 0.5 degree Celsius past preindustrial levels, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change anticipates, the U.S. can expect a wave of climate migrants, mostly internal, fleeing agricultural regions and coastal cities.


The Global Commission on Adaptation seeks to highlight the adaptation challenges confronting poor people, notably poor farmers whose livelihoods are fragile and dependent on the weather and launch a year of action to begin rising to meet this challenge. 

In this seminar, IFPRI researchers advance paths towards meeting the adaptation challenge by doing more, better, and new.



    Sustainable social protection systems will become increasingly critical to provide support in a fast-changing world of work, speakers told a high-level forum at the Centenary International Labour Conference. Participants at a forum held at the International Labour Conference (ILC) discussed how digitalization, demographic shifts, climate change and globalization will affect the way people manage transitions during the course of their lives. 


    Adaptive and Shock Responsive Social Protection in the Caribbean: Putting People at the Centre of Resilience and Response