Creating fiscal space for universal social pensions: Taxing the top 1%

From manual to digital: First hand insight into Malawi’s Social Cash Transfer

This paper proposes a framework to model household decision making on participation (or not) in cash transfer programs depending on whether a conditionality exists. The paper outlines the optimal size of the cash transfer such that a fixed government budget maximizes the poverty reduction.


Meeting the Social Assistance Demands of an Increasingly Vulnerable World

Promoting Early Childhood Development Through Combining Cash Transfers and Parenting Programmes

This CSW63 side event hosted by UN Women, Sida and the Prime Minister's Office (Tanzania) explored how cash transfers can help reduce intimate partner violence (IPV) against women. Featuring research from the Cash Transfer and Intimate Partner Violence Research Collaborative, the Prevention Collaborative, IFPRI, the Transfer Project, UNICEF Innocenti, and the International Rescue Committee.


Join us for our CSW63 side event on Wednesday March 13th at UN Women, NYC.

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Children’s Right to Social Protection in the Middle East and North Africa: An analysis of legal frameworks from a child-rights perspective

Despite a situation of an active violent conflict, the Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project continues to deliver services and cash to the poor and vulnerable nationwide. This paper captures lessons learned from this innovative and pioneering project, which will be particularly relevant for shaping the World Bank's crisis response under IDA 18.


Blockchains and social protection: Snake-oil or panacea?