Strategic actors for inclusive development in Africa

Although Africa’s economies are growing, not everyone is benefiting from the enhanced wealth. While average poverty rates in Sub-Saharan Africa have decreased substantially, roughly 40% of the population still live below the poverty line of USD 1.90 a day (World Bank, 2018). In addition, six of the top ten countries with the highest inequality rates in the world are African. Africa’s high inequality stems from the fact that its economic growth has not gone hand-in-hand with sufficient increases in productive employment opportunities for new labour market entrants. Many, especially young, Africans have no formal job and even more young Africans are underemployed, meaning that they do work, but do not earn enough to make a living. Furthermore, they lack social protection. Hence, tackling inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa means, above all, tackling these high rates of un- and under-employment.